Just another WordPress site Thu, 17 Jan 2019 08:05:39 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Installment loan: How does it works Thu, 17 Jan 2019 08:05:39 +0000 Installment loans are a booming solution for millions of people throughout Spain.

 What are online loans in installments?

Nowadays, in addition, these services can be ordered comfortably from home and online. In this way it is no longer necessary to go to a bank, wait for your turn and, once in front of the branch worker, explain why we want this loan.

Currently this whole process has become much faster and more pleasant for citizens, who can receive small or moderate amounts of money without the need to explain. The installment loans, in addition, suppose a much more assumable risk for the client, who just a few years ago had to offer an endorsement with his house, his vehicle … or even the house or the car of the parents.

What are online loans in installments?

But to talk about this type of loans, it is first necessary to define and specify what it is about. This type of financial service is also known under the name of micro credits or micro loans , and they are usually based on the management of a small or moderate amount of money. This amount usually ranges between 500 and 5,000 euros, although it varies enormously depending on the company or web platform.

In short, this service helps any type of person who has to face a payment for which they do not have enough money. To do this, you only have to enter the web page of the online banking that offers the online loan, indicate your account number and the amount of money you want to be entered in it. In a period usually less than 24 hours, the company or web checks that there is no problem with the data provided and makes the deposit effective.

How is the money returned?

When applying for the loan, the individual can also choose their availability to return the money they have left. These platforms tend to be very flexible in terms of return, which can go from one month to 12 or 24 months. The more time you take to repay the borrowed money, the higher will be the commissions that online banking will ask for, so it is a good idea to try to reduce it to the maximum. If you think you can recover the money in 6 months, it is better to select this option and try to pay less in fees and commissions.

Once the return period has been chosen and the loan money has been received, you must be attentive in order to have all the money that will be claimed each month. If you have requested 1000 euros to be repaid within a period of 6 months, and with these specifications an interest rate of 12% has been applied, it means that during the next 6 months you will have to pay a total of 1120 euros. This amount will be divided by 6, so each month you will need to have 186.6 euros in the bank account that you have linked to the loan.

Each company makes these payments in a different way. Some ask you for the monthly payment at the beginning of the new month, while others ask for it in the middle or end. Likewise, some online banking entities charge you directly for the money you must return from the account where they made the deposit. In others, however, you must personally make the transfer of money. In these cases you should always note the obligation to pay the loans to repay in installments, or otherwise they will claim the money and add a small fee or commission for the delay.

Some rules and requirements

In Spain there are only a few requirements to be able to benefit from the loans to be repaid in installments online. However, it is important to make sure that whenever you ask for one you will be able to return it with the established conditions and time, or you may find yourself immersed in a spiral of credits that you use to pay previous credits.

One of the most frequent requirements that banks request is certain solidity and security with regard to having income on a regular basis. For this, they will sometimes request a photocopy of your last payroll, in which they can see if you earn enough to be able to return the borrowed money and, in turn, if you have a job temporarily or indefinitely. Some banks also accept the invoice of the pension or the declaration of the rent as proof of your financial strength.

Another requirement to apply for a loan of these characteristics in Spain is that you have a good credit history . This is an internal report of the banks, where it is registered if you have requested money for an amount greater than 6,000 euros during the last 10 years. This means that most small installment loans do not appear in the report. However, banks have ways of knowing if you are facing the repayment of a loan while you wait for them to give you another.

The most important rule: debts

In Spain there are many agencies that collect and record the debts that you may have had over the years. For this reason it is important that you ask for the loans with head and responsibility, and that you always try to comply with the payment terms of your invoices and taxes. No bank, whether traditional or online, wants to leave your money to a citizen with a history of defaults, so breaking this requirement will close many doors in order to obtain financing.

In the same way, any entity relies more on a regular client than on a newcomer.

If you are interested in getting loans to pay for a new car, to pay for a career in college or entry into the children’s school, try to always go to the same company or financial services platform . In the case that you have never had problems when returning the money, they will trust you and they will make the deposit quickly and without questions.

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Types of mortgage loans Tue, 15 Jan 2019 14:10:12 +0000 What are the features of each of these types of loan for a house?


Candidate borrowers can choose between different types of mortgages, such as the fixed mortgage loans, fixed monthly capital repayments, variable linear capital repayments, fixed term, accordion loan and 125% mortgage.


Fixed humanities or annuities mortgage . The fixed mortgage mortgage refers to the most common form of borrowing money for a home in the Netherlands. With this type of credit, the amount of monthly repayments remains unchanged throughout the life of the mortgage loan. The creditor and borrower will agree on an interest rate that will be applied throughout the credit at the start of the credit agreement. As the loan for a house progresses over time, the relationship between the capital and interest element will evolve. However, this change has no impact on the total amount of monthly repayments. Keep in mind that if the mortgage loan was to be redeemed early, there is still a large amount of capital left over for a mortgage that can keep the lender from the selling price.

Monthly capital repayments. In the case of fixed monthly capital repayments, the borrower pays monthly a fixed share of capital. The element of interest evolves gradually through the term of the loan. At the start of the credit the interest is higher, but the interest is minimal at the end of the credit. A characteristic feature of a mortgage loan is that fixed monthly repayments are made at the start of the loan, which will have to be repaid more than at the end of the credit. Handy if you would close the credit as a well-earning family of around 40 years and would limit the retirement age at the end of the credit.

Variable linear capital repayments. This form of credit allows the capital element to be flexibly planned through the course of the loan. At the start of the mortgage loan you can indicate how much capital you want to pay off monthly. The interest element remains unchanged for the duration of the credit. Do you have an unexpected windfall, such as a promotion at work, donation or outstanding heritage? Then you easily increase the element of capital. Do you, on the other hand, have less financial breathing space? In that case, you reduce the monthly capital repayment by mutual agreement. The mortgage loan variable linear capital repayments therefore allow a home loan to be customized.

Fixed term or interest-only mortgage. During the fixed term mortgage, no capital is paid, but only interest. At the end of the loan, the outstanding capital is suddenly paid off. The advantage of this credit form is that the amount of the monthly repayments is low and that more financial breathing space is retained. However, it should be taken into account that after 15, 20 or 30 years a substantial sum of capital needs to be repaid.

The fixed-term or interest-only mortgage is recommended to borrowers who will receive a substantial sum of capital over time (eg sale of shares over time, long-term account, gift, inheritance). Many creditors also offer the fixed-term mortgage in combination with a savings plan.

Tip: Do not forget to take into account the tax aspect and therefore avoid losing tax relief on your mortgage loan. During the term of the loan, only the interest paid is eligible for inclusion in your tax return.

Accordion loan. Accordion mortgages are home loans with fixed monthly repayments, but with a flexible term. The interest rate may therefore rise or fall as a result of the loan. This increase or decrease will not, however, have an impact on the amount that is paid monthly, but only on the duration of the accordion loan. The advantage of the accordion mortgage is therefore that the borrower has certainty about the monthly budget that he / she must provide for the credit.

125% mortgage. By means of a 125% mortgage, up to 125% of the purchase value of the house can be borrowed. Via the 125% mortgage loans you can in other words pay the purchase price as well as additional costs such as registration, notary and debt balance insurance. This type of mortgage loan is therefore perfectly suited for families without a broad starting base. The disadvantage of a 125% mortgage is of course that the cost is more expensive because more money is borrowed. It is therefore always wise to save as much money as possible before buying a house.

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How to Get a Personal Loan Thu, 10 Jan 2019 08:33:10 +0000 Now it is possible to request Personal Loans without having to change the Bank and without domiciling the Payroll.

Cetelem Personal Credits

There are Online Finances that grant personal loans outside the Banking system and we are not talking about Mini-loans that grant very small amounts that in most cases do not solve the problem to the user.

Its activity is mainly focused on all Assets or financing products. That is to say, it has Consumer loans to finance the purchase of new and used cars, motorcycles, home renovations and at the same time it has its own Credit Card that can be requested in parallel with the Loan and in turn, it is the support of some shopping center cards. .

✅ How to apply for a loan in

You can do all the processing to request a credit in online:
Enter your website and choose the destination of the money that offers several alternatives: Buy car, home renovations, travel, studies etc.
Selected destination, shows a Selector to choose Maximum amount 60,000 euros and the deadline to devovler maximum 96 months.
For example, if you ask for 30,000 euros to be paid in 60 months, you would pay 593.33 euros for the nominal interest rate of 6.95 equivalent to an APR of 7.18% and the total amount that would be returned at the total maturity of the credit 35,599.80 euros
The example in TAE that they put on their website is a loan of 12,000 euros to return in 96 months with the same interest rate of 6.95 nominal the resulting monthly payment is 163.31 and the total amount to return 15,677.76.
Take into account that the interest rate of 6.95 is the minimum that they charge and from this type they can go up based on their income, solvency and the amount they ask for. For example, for a credit of 6,000 euros, they charge the nominal 9.90% – TAE 10.36%.

Once you have selected the amount and the deadline to return and knowing the fee to pay, start filling in your personal data form and the income and expenses you have each month. Especially inform about other possible loans or debts.
will then contact you to inform you of the decision and inform you of the loan agreement to sign and how to pay the cash.

Destination of the Money of the loans in

We have already indicated that is not a financier of quick mini – loans . The loan that can be obtained in is similar to the one requested in Banks and Savings Banks. And therefore, they ask him the fate of money and among others these are the options he has:

Car loan

You can buy the car wherever you want and the brand you like the most. You may even be offered the financing at the dealership where you bought the car since they work with many dealers.
With the Car Loan you can finance 100 x 100 of the value of the purchase.
You can ask for up to 60,000 euros and if the loan is less than 10,000 euros, the deadline to return is 60 months.

Loan Reforms

You can ask for up to 60,000 euros for all kinds of reforms in your home . Total reform or small works. Changes of pavements, electricity, change of windows, etc. as well as the purchase of furniture .
If necessary, the entire cost of the reform is financed.
You do not have to change banks and you do not have to contract other products either.

Loans for Travel

Loan For all types of travel, leisure and free time. To finance up to 60,000 euros and return in 96 months. Comfortably from home and to enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Cruises, vacations etc.

Loans for Studies

offers you the possibility of financing 100 x 100 of your university, master or doctorate studies. Valid to study in England, the United States, or choose the country where you want to pursue your career, master’s or doctorate

Loans for health and celebrations

If you want to do any surgical or aesthetic surgery in private clinics , puts at your disposal the best financing to meet your needs.
In the same way it finances the celebration of events, weddings, communions and any other event.

Refinancing Debts in

If you have accumulated several installments for various loans or cards and installment purchases, offers you the possibility of grouping all the debts in monthly payment only and thus be less burdened at the end of the month.
Request the Reunification of debts by following these steps:
– Request online refinancing on your website
– analyzes it and makes a proposal for the amount and term.
– If accepted, send all the documents requested
– On return mail they send the contract to sign and starts the reunification of all the debts making the payments of the outstanding debts.

✅ Conditions of interest the Loans

The minimum general rate that reports on its own website is 6.95% TIN, whose TAE equivalent is 7.18%.
However, this is the minimum rate for larger amounts.
For example if you ask for a loan of 25,000 euros to be repaid in 60 months , the interest rate is 6.95 TIN and you would pay a fee of 504.33 euros. The APR is 7.18% and returns at the end 30,259.80.

If the amount requested is 6,000 euros to be paid in 24 months, the Nominal Interest Rate is 9.90% equivalent to TAE 10.36% and would pay 276.59 euros per month to return a total of 6,638.16

Therefore, ‘s interest rate and the conditions it applies to its loans are highly competitive with banks and savings banks. You can compare by asking for the money in both entities.

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Online loans approved in less than 24 hours! Thu, 03 Jan 2019 13:33:44 +0000 Getting a loan has never been easier. At this moment you can borrow money and apply for loans online.

borrow money

The advantages of online loans appear to be very favorable for people who do not have much time to look for a loan. Busy work schedules and the inevitable routine of day-to-day life have ensured that online unsecured personal loans have become popular with many people.

Apply for a loan online

Times change quickly. Previously, you had to work hard and make endless visits to lending institutions to get unsecured personal loans. But nowadays you can do this from your own home. All you have to do is sit at your computer and visit the websites of the agencies that offer such loans.

There are several institutions that offer borrowing money, and finding those who are suitable for you does not have to be a difficult task. To get in touch with these settings, the internet is the best tool. Note that most financial websites offer personalized services, which you can select with a search application. In this search application you can enter the amount you want to borrow, the period over which you want to pay it back and other personal details that might be needed to complete the deal. Through the internet you will see your chances before the loan is granted.

Borrow money: quickly and with comfort

Briefly summarized online money borrowing the system of borrowing brought to your home. No longer is it necessary to stand in line to qualify for a loan. Whether it is a mini loan, a personal loan or a revolving credit, this does not matter much. If you make a loan application today, you will receive approval within 24 hours from the time of application. In the case of telephone contact or e-mail, however, it may take two to three days before you receive your approval. And if you live in a remote location that is several kilometers from the city, the relevance of the online application is big for you.

If you opt for online unsecured personal loans, you can benefit from even more benefits than with other forms of an application. We offer you more options to choose from, if you have the internet. You can surf on multiple loan websites and discover the details of the loan institutions, their prices and their conditions. This allows you to compare different settings with each other to analyze which suits you best.

What are the requirements with regard to borrowing money?

There are certain requirements that you must meet before you receive the loan. First of all, you must have good creditworthiness so that the lenders can easily be convinced to approve your loan. In other words, you must have a permanent source of income. In addition, you may not have overdue payments on your credit card. Do not be fooled if you have a bad credit history. Your credit history may not be that good, but you may still be able to use a loan alone, the interest rate may vary.

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Quick 1000 euros loan Sun, 23 Dec 2018 08:22:38 +0000 If you want to go on a loan an amount ofthousands of euros or more, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages.

If you need the amount immediately for an important purchase, you can request different offers online. Compare the cheapest offers and always read all the conditions attached to the loan. If you do not need the desired amount immediately, you can also choose to save for the amount. Of course, this is always better than applying for a loan because you always pay interest.

Different forms loans

Despite the fact that many types of loans are offered on the internet, the same types of loans are almost always taken out. This mainly concerns the personal loan or a revolving credit, all other loans are a variant of a PL or DK. An increasingly popular credit is the WOZ credit, with this credit people can use the surplus value of their house to take out a loan with which they can then renovate their house. Below we have indicated which loans are usually taken out for a number of known loan goals. You may also determine this yourself.

What are your options?

For a loan of a thousand euros there are basically two possibilities:

  1. You can request an offer for 1000 euros from a ‘normal’ party. Because this is a relatively low amount, the interest rate will be high. In addition, you often can not have BKR coding .
  2. What you can do is to take out a mini loan. You can take out a mini loan up to a maximum of 750 euros. The big advantage of this is that you can receive the loan quickly and there is no BKR review. However, many of these parties offer absurdly high administration costs and collect them directly from your account. Therefore always keep in mind which party you are working with. The advertisers on this website do not offer mini loans.

You can turn to various parties for both options. A bank will not often issue a loan of 1,000 euros because it is too small an amount, but credit brokers can often be realized. For the second option, you can contact the parties who specialize in mini loans. If you want to take out a loan from a reliable party, you have to check whether the party has an AFM license, there are good experiences on the internet and you can go through the service document of the provider. This document must contain all information about the method and the remuneration of the provider,

BKR coding, what now?

If you want to take out a loan, you will always be checked against the BKR, borrowing money without BKR testing is usually not possible unless you take out a mini loan. Depending on your BKR coding , light or heavy, you can still borrow money in some cases. For example, people who have a BKR code through a telephone bill can sometimes still take out a loan. A credit card without BKR review now also belongs to the possibilities when a prepaid credit card is requested. If you have a BKR coding, however, you must always remember carefully why you have it, so it might be wiser not to take out another loan.

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Request short term online loans Sat, 22 Dec 2018 08:44:23 +0000 It is usually about small short-term loans that we can get through the phone or the internet .

Urgent Online Loans

Advertising tells us about small amounts around 300 euros, but there are some that can reach 10,000 euros in just 48 hours.

Where can I request a quick mini-loans?

Both, financial entities and banks, have launched to the hunt for the client who is looking for an immediate solution to a liquidity problem. They offer small amounts, many times, almost without interest, in order to attract customers. But we must be attentive to the contract to make sure that we are signing correctly what we have been told.

The formulas used by these entities are both small loans, mini-loans , and obtaining a loans card, which will allow us not only to finance purchases, but also to transfer cash to our bank account.

If finally decided to request a quick loans to a bank instead of a financial institution, we may obtain better conditions, but the truth is that we must open a bank account, direct receipts and even our payroll or pension if we no longer work. It is much slower but the interest we will pay is much lower, we can get a larger amount and the terms can be even longer for the return.

How to apply for a fast mini-loans online?

The online processing of a microloans is very simple and intuitive , so that customers, once they have reached the web, do not abandon the operation due to some complication. Once inside your website and already decided to apply for a loan you only have to choose the amount and the maximum term in which you can return it. Once this is done, you will have to fill out a simple form with your data, contributing and answering the questions they ask you. You must also indicate the account number where you want the requested income to be made.

Once you have completed all these procedures, you will be asked to send a series of documents in order to confirm the data and give you an answer. The DNI, a document where you see your account number and the last payroll is usually the usual documentation that you will ask us.

After the deadline, which is usually very little time, they will contact you and tell us if they have agreed to grant us the microloans , making the transfer to the previously indicated account. We insist that it is important, if they have not already done so, to indicate that they send you the contract, since it is very important that you have it.

It is true that this operation the first time may be somewhat slower, although comparatively with traditional banking, it seems that it is going at the speed of light. However, we tell you that, if you go back to ask for a loan to the same company, the second time it will be even faster, since you will not have to send any extra documentation, just indicate how much you want and what are the terms you need .

Necessary requirements to request Fast Mini-loanss.

Although not all financial institutions ask for the same requirements, there are some that share all of them. We indicate to you the ones that insurance, work with the entity that you do, they will ask you. Have them on hand and so everything will go much faster.

  • Be of legal age and have a valid identity document (DNI or NIE).
  • Bank account number where you are the owner.
  • Mobile phone number that will be used to contact you.
  • An email address used to send you the loan documentation.
  • Payroll, pension or proof of income. If you have it right, but some do not request it.
  • Not be in lists of defaulters as , although the fact of being, as we have explained previously, is not an impediment to achieve it. It is possible to get a mini-loans while at the .

Fast loans

Is it possible to get a quick mini-loans by being in the file of debtors ?
We have already mentioned it in other occasions, the fact of appearing our name in a record of delinquency and especially in the is reason enough so that the bank or financial institution does not continue with the study of its Loan. However, if the amount you have written down in is of small amount and the concept is not due to having other loanss pending , the financial institution may take it into account and authorize a mini-loans while in . For example, if the outstanding debt is telephony defaults or other minor issues that are very common in many citizens.
If you have for having stopped paying other loans, it is advisable to have a duly justified entry in the delinquency record or to seek a solvent guarantor. You can also ask for another person’s money on your own if you do not have money and pay the monthly payments later.

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Online Personal Loans Thu, 20 Dec 2018 08:41:09 +0000 Are you thinking of asking for a personal loan ? Follow these steps and tips.

BBVA Rapid Loans

Before going to a office to request the money, be well informed of how personal loans work , how much you can authorize and how much you would pay each month. Being well informed, you can more easily refute what the bank proposes and you can ask the questions to answer all your questions.

First of all, use our quota simulator that we offer you link below to know how much you will pay each month. and know the commissions that you can charge and the related products that will offer to grant you credit.

Keep in mind that the bank usually authorizes a maximum amount whose monthly payment does not suppose more than 30% of its net income. That is to say what you earn and deduct other payments if you had more credits or mortgage.

“The Banks grant the Credits when the Payment of the Fee does not exceed 30% of the monthly net income “

As with most banking entities, the more information we know about the conditions and requirements that the bank will ask for, the more likely we are that they will grant us the loan and, more importantly, with the best conditions.
offers personal loans and credits for the purchase of furniture, home renovations, travel, cars and any other need that may arise. More traditional and also immediate loans for urgent needs. On the Internet or in an office you can find all the conditions and modalities that best suit your needs and, above all, you can do it without having to travel to the bank.


Requirements and procedures request a loan .

The procedures and requirements to apply for a loan are becoming simpler and more agile, which allows us to have the money in a very short time. Knowing the necessary documentation and having it ready is a way to save time in this process. Among the documents th needs to study the granting or not of a loan are the following.

– The last three payrolls if you work with someone else.
– A copy of the Income Tax Return . In case you do not do it because you are not obligated to them, you must present a certificate of income from the company that pays you.
– A copy with the bank movements of your accounts, where you can see expenses and income is another of the documents that you can ask the bank. And if I had a house a simple note of the property registry is enough.
– A work contract is usually another of the documents that the bank can ask us for.
Requirements you must meet:
– Be of legal age.
– Be a resident in Spain, with valid DNI or Resident Card in the case of foreigners.
– Do not be in lists of defaulters and Asnef.

” Prepare all the necessary documents to request credits and expedite the Bank’s response “

Interest charged by in loans.

The interest charged by or the conditions it applies to personal loans depends on how the Euribor is at each moment. Since it is a type of loan that is not left as a guarantee other than one’s own, without leaving mortgages or pledged assets, a higher interest is charged than, for example, a mortgage loan. The average that we will find in the personal loans offered by is 5 to 8 points on the Euribor. It is very important to keep in mind that the interest rate that they will set us will be fixed for the entire life of our loan, regardless of whether the situation changes. Hiring some type of extra service, such as insurance or cards, can improve the conditions of our loan.

Types of Loans. Loans for the purchase of the car.

Personal Loan can grant us up to 75,000 euros for any purpose, from a reform to a celebration. The nominal interest is from 7.45% and the maximum term to return it is 8 years. It is essential not to be in the ASNEF .

Car Loan is possibly one of the most popular. The capital that can be granted can reach 75,000 euros for the purchase of a car, both first-hand and used. With an interest rate: from 5.70% TIN and a maximum repayment term of 10 years. It is essential not to be in the RAI OR ASNEF.

pre-authorized loan that the bank has granted us based on our history. It has no study expenses. And the interest rate is very special. It depends on the client and his financial situation.

Other loans such as those that anticipate payroll , those granted for the study are also very common in . However, in recent years, immediate loans have begun to take on greater importance.

” You can always negotiate a reduction in the interest rate by contracting linked products of the Bank. “

Immediate loan

In the case of the immediate Loan of or pre-granted credit, unlike what happens in the credits, where you can have the borrowed money as needed, in the Quick Loans and in other types of personal and consumer loans, the money is received at one time for the total amount requested minus the expenses and therefore, it is requested for a specific need and from the moment of contracting the amount to be paid each month and the interest that it will cost us is known.

The main characteristic of the fast loans online is the agility in the answer and the immediacy in having the cash.

Once the loan request is made on the web, filling in the form with all the data requested by both personal name, ID, address as economic income data, working life, other loans, etc. The bank answers in less than 24 hours and once approved is credited to the account at the time of the signing of the online contract.

All the operations are done online and therefore, the operation of requesting the credit is fast, it is processed all over the internet and it is a simple process where you must indicate the amount you need, the purpose and the deadline for its return.

Fees simulator to pay

With the Loan calculator in just a few minutes you will know how much you have to pay each month. To do this, enter the amount you request, the term in months or years that you choose to return the money plus interest and the interest rate applied by the bank, all this before going to the bank or taking out your loan online.

You will know the interest according to the nominal interest calculation (TIN) and the real cost by adding commissions and expenses (APR) and the total cost of the money you are going to request.

Its use is very simple. Once you enter the page of the Loan simulator , enter the amount you request, the interest charged by the bank and the months to return the money and immediately show you the monthly payment and the amortization table for All the life of the Loan

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Do you want to borrow a larger amount? Request a loan. Sat, 08 Dec 2018 13:27:42 +0000 If you want to borrow a large amount, that is of course not without risks.

 You financial picture for the loan

For example, you may become ill and therefore have less income. Or worse still completely incapacitated. In that case, you also have to be able to continue paying your loan. The interest and repayment must continue. That is something to think about when you want to take out a large loan.

Almost all lenders are obliged to perform the so-called bkr test if you want to borrow money from them. What the lenders then do with this information is not legally established. This means that a company can still offer you a loan, despite your possible bkr code.

You financial picture for the loan

For a loan we look at your financial picture. You should think of your monthly costs, your monthly income and other financial obligations. The credit companies do not take big risks and would like some security with regard to the repayment of your loan.

Check yourself.

When you go into the sea with a provider of the so-called loan, then it is important that you start collecting information in advance. You can check whether the lender , with whom you will possibly do business, is well-known, so that you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises afterwards. You can often check this on the site of the AFM. But you also inform yourself on forums about how a lender is known. Certainly when borrowing a large amount you want to know in advance with whom you are going. A large loan can not simply be taken over by another party.

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Fast Loans: Payable in Months Sun, 02 Dec 2018 08:31:54 +0000 One of the characteristics of the Rapid Loans is the return period that is very short.

 Fast Loans to Repay in Fees

The most usual thing is to have to pay back in 30 days or at most 45 days and the amount does not usually exceed 1,000 Euros although in the first loan they are maximum 300 euros. But then is it possible to get? :

Fast Loans to Repay in Fees

Information you will find here:

  • 1 ✅ Fast Loans to Repay in Contributions
  • 2 ✅ Requirements to Meet to Ask for Long-Term loans
  • 3 ✅How to get a Credit to pay in months
  • 4 ✅ What Loans Can Be Returned in 6 and 12 Months
  • 5 ✅ How much does a Long Term Credit cost to repay in months?

Logically, the term of return of the Fast loans to Installments will depend on the amount requested. If it is the first loan where only 300 euros are paid, it seems that there is no point in making payments in several months or installments (3, 6, 12 months) .

The rule followed by the entities to analyze the granting of loans is that the payment of the monthly fee does not exceed 35% of the net income of the applicant or applicants. Based on this amount, you can estimate how many months we can postpone the payment of a Personal Loan or Quick Mini-Credit.
For example, if you request a Fast Loan of 5,000 euros and pay it in 2 years at the fixed interest rate of 8%, the fee to pay would be 226,13 and in the case that you will earn 1,000 euros net deducted other payments and fees, it would be within the indicated 35%.

✅ Requirements to Comply to Ask for Long-Term loans

The requirements that must be met to request Loans to be paid in 12 months or Long Term Loans are similar to those that are requested in the quick mini-loans, although it is necessary to provide more documentation given that the financial institution has a greater risk.

– You must be of legal age and even most banks grant loans only from the age of 21. And they also have an age limit up. At the expiration date of the loan, the applicant must not be older than 75 years .
– Only loans are granted to residents in Spain . That is to say, or Spaniards with DNI or passers residing in Spain with valid Residence Permit and supporting document: the Resident Card.
– Justify recurring income and periodically to be able to meet the payment of the quotas committed.
– Not be in the Registry of Defaulters – RAI or ASNEF although there are some exceptions and entities that grant Loans with Asnef.
– Present the documentation requested by the Financial Entity, either Bank or Financial online.

How to get a Credit to pay in months

As we have indicated, the fact of being able to pay the deferred credit in months will depend on the amount requested and our ability to pay according to the income.
It seems clear that if we ask for a 300-euro loan, the bank will not be willing to postpone 12 months.
One of the ways to pay a loan in 12 months is by credit card. All the banks offer in the card purchases the payment by means of several monthly payments.

If you have a credit card, you will have verified that it is the bank itself that automatically offers to pay in 12 months with the credit card the recent purchase made. However, when the amount of the purchase is small, there is no such option.
Therefore, the form to ask for loans to pay in 12 months is to make your own calculations of how much you can pay per month and then ask the bank for a credit or have your card requested deferred payment.

✅ What Loans Can Be Returned in 6 and 12 Months

We have already indicated that the quick mini-loans where the online finances grant maximum 300 euros, can not be returned in months. At most some admit 45 days.
Some cases in which you can return the money in 6 and 12 months would be these examples:
– A payroll advance . It is fairly straightforward for banks to grant quick loans with immediate payment through an advance of 6 monthly payments. In this case, they allow the fees to be returned up to 12 months.
– Medium Cuts loans such as travel, leisure, small reforms, repairs, etc. the Bank allows up to 24 months to amortize.
– Buy new and used car , reforms of the home of greater amount, the usual thing is to return in terms up to 60 months.
– The maximum repayment terms for personal loans and consumer loans is 96 months. and the maximum amount 60,000 euros. For higher amounts the best option would be a mortgage loan .

✅ How much does a Long Term Credit cost to repay in months?

When applying for a long-term loan , we must pay attention to what it costs us throughout the life of the operation:
There are several factors that include in the cost and therefore you have to fill in the fine print:
– Opening Commission. A fixed amount that banks charge when delivering the money.
– Study expenses: Currently it is unusual but some charge commissions for the time spent in the study and the queries they make to the records of ASNEF, RAI and CIRBE.
– Commissions for early amortization before the final maturity arrives.
– Cost of amortization insurance, credit cards, pension plans, etc. that banks require to grant the loan.
– The self-interest of the operation.

The best way we have to know the cost of credit to devour in months , is to ask us to inform us of the APR. This reference or calculation that is made of the interest on the loan, collects all the expenses that are included and is an obligation imposed by the Bank of Spain on the TA

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Access personal loan through online Sat, 01 Dec 2018 07:55:12 +0000 Access to assets that we can not pay at one time or face unforeseen events that we did not have is one of the reasons why many of us access loans and personal loans .

Personal Credits Online

Different types of loans and personal loans , with different interests, fill the market. There are some common requirements in most of the banking and financial entities to which you will be obligated and that you will have to justify with the necessary documentation if you want to obtain your financing.

However, asking for a personal loan is not the same as a loan. Actually, they are financial products that look a lot like and that can be confused, but that are not exactly the same. For us to understand we can indicate that a loan is a certain amount that the lender (bank, financial, private, etc.) delivers to a client and that it must return within the agreed terms and conditions. However, a loan can be said to be a limit of money that a person, a consumer, has, use or not. Apart from this main difference, we can say that interest is the other big difference, since loans are much lower than loans.

Requirements to request a loan or personal loan.

For any entity to grant you one or another product, you must have certain requirements. If you did not have them all is not lost, but we warn you that they can ask for guarantees and, even, they can put you worse conditions.

You must be of legal age and indicate the exact amount you need and what you will use it for. You will have to prove your solvency and, of course, not exceed your maximum debt capacity. Being included in a delinquency list is an alarm that banks do not like and that you can throw back your loan, as well as having debts or defaults. The hiring of additional products, such as insurance, domicile payroll or some receipts, is usually positive and helps improve the conditions of loans or personal loan.

What documentation do you need?

You will need the DNI, the work contract, proof of your income, and your last two payrolls. If you are autonomous the payment of the last installments and quarterly VAT tax. Both profiles will ask for the income tax return and, sometimes, even the deeds of a house or property.

Interest on Personal Loans Online

The interest rate charged on personal loans and consumer loans will depend on several factors such as the amount requested, the time to repay and especially the solvency of the applicant. You can request two kinds of interest rate

Interest at a fixed rate

Which is the most common in this type of operations since the repayment terms are relatively short, contrary to what happens with mortgages. It is not possible to determine in a generalized way which would be the reasonable interest rate in each given moment that depends on the evolution of the euribor in the markets. However, at present it could be estimated a rate between 6 and 8% would be reasonable.

Variable interest

It is not very common for a bank to accept a variable interest rate for consumer loans, given that in these operations they seek greater profitability or differential with the Euribor as there is no mortgage guarantee as in the case of home purchases. However, if the amount of the transaction is considerable, a variable interest can be negotiated, in which case a differential is established on the Euribor. In these cases, interest to pay is usually much cheaper. A Euribor + 3 points would be a reasonable interest for this type of operations

Types of personal loans.

There are several types of personal loans depending on the destination of the money and other factors such as the interest rate and each bank establishes the commercial names of its financing products. These are the most used by banks:

Personal loan for the purchase of a car .

These loans usually have a repayment period between 5 and 8 years, with monthly installments and an interest rate of around 13%

Personal loan for studies .

It is a form of loans aimed at the payment of master’s degrees, courses abroad and even for the payment of fees. The amounts are very different depending on the entities and also interest them. In fact, some years ago, this type of loans were offered with very comfortable conditions for students, who did not start paying until they joined the labor market, which have now completely disappeared. Consult all entities to find the best option for you.

Personal loan for renovations in your home

that allow you to make the necessary improvements in your home and pay up to five years. The amounts and interest depend on the bank. A good budget where the work to be done is indicated will help to obtain better conditions.

Personal loan for consumption .

They are possibly one of the most common since they can be obtained in many commercial areas for the purchase of some of their products, such as a television and pay in 6, 9, 12 or 18 installments without interest.
These are only the most common, as many others such as personal payroll or travel advance loans are becoming more and more the order of the day.

Personal loan simulators.

Our advice is that, regardless of the reason you need the money, you must carefully study the offers and conditions of the bank and financial institutions. For this we recommend you always look for information on the internet so that you can compare the products and conditions before deciding on those that best suit you. Currently there are comparators and simulators of loans that will make you have a clearer vision and the numbers on the table of what it will cost you at the end of that loan or personal loan.

If you need to make your own calculation of what you would have to pay each month, in the following link we put at your disposal a simple Personal Loan simulator where entering the amount, the interest rate and the term to return the money, informs you of the share to pay with detail of the part corresponding to capital and the part belonging to interest with a full amortization table for the entire period.

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